Jazz Flavours ’88-’93

Songs included on The Best of Jazz Flavours CDs

“Gotta Take A Chance”;  Vocals by Cheryl Wilson, keyboards and arrangement The Rev. Oliver Wells, Drums Sonny Emory, Guitar Randy Honea, Produced by Jack and Oliver

Gotta Take A Chance

“More Than Dream About You”; Vocals by Cheryl Rogers, Keyboards Jack and Cheryl, Drums  Scott Meeder, Sax Bill Kahler, Produced by Jack and Cheryl

Cheryl Rogers / More Than Dream About You

“Scratchin’ The Surface”; The B Team (because studio A at Doppler was not available) Keyboards Vance Taylor, Oliver Wells, Guitar Pat Buchanan, Drums Scott Meeder, Bass Ricky Keller, written, arranged, and produced by Jack and The B Team

Scratching The Surface

All of the above fabulous musicians and singers were regulars on countless jingles and scores at Doppler.

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