John Lovick Turner-Artist


John Lovick Turner, “Rookie of the Year” released in 1973 on Polydor Records, was produced by Eddie Reeves, and included some of LA’s best session players; Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Lee Sklar, Ed Greene, Larry Knechtel, and others. Will Boulware, who’d played keyboards on the demos, made the trip to LA as well, and played on several tracks. Additional production and string arrangements by Dick Halligan. Some vinyl versions of “Rookie” may still be out there?

In 2004 Island Man” was released, and in 2016 “Salty Breezes”. Upon the release of “Salty Breezes” all were consolidated under the name John Lovick Turner. (“Island Man” was originally released under the name Jack Turner, but material from two other artists with the same name was getting commingled.)

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