Songs For Ads, Shows, Web

StraightAhead “Straight Ahead” (For QuikTrip)

11UpYours “Up Yours” The Colonoscopy song

Hero “The Hero In You” (For World Financial Group)

AsSimpleAsThat “As Simple As That”

GotYou7_25B “I Got You” (For CATO)

WithYou “With You” (For CATO)

Tractor Man “Tractor Man”

TimeWarnerMoney “All The Money You Save” (For Time Warner)

ThoseTimesTogether1 “Those Times Together” (For Kenny Rogers Roasters)

Hometrust “It’s Just better Here” (For Hometrust Bank)

CoxRightRightNow “It’s Right. Right Now” (For Cox Cable)

MyPieceOfLand “My Piece Of Land”

Motorola “Listen To The Future” (For Motorola)

TCF_Gen_Change “Things Change” (For Thomas Count Federal)

OBSW4FullMix No Title (For Off Broadway Shoes)

OneWorld “One World” ’96 Summer Olympic Games


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