Pitches ’81-’92

A small sampling from this period. Some of these were written in Thomasville, but didn’t get demoed until the move to Atlanta. Most were recorded in Studio B at Doppler, Jack’s office, or the old Soundscape Studios.

YouAndIGoOnAndOn “You And I Go On And On”

BackToBlue “Back To Blue” Signed to Welk Music and lost somewhere in their files.

LayYourHeart “Lay Your Heart On Mine” Interest from Bob Montgomery, and others, but never got cut.

MiddleOfAMemory “Middle Of A Memory” Interest from Tom Collins, but never got cut.

LastToSayGoodByeCheryl “The Last To Say Goodbye”

TakeItLikeAMan “Take It Like A Man”

ThatGirl “That Girl”

MomentsPianoDemo “Moments Are Everything” With Tim Bays

Vocals by Buddy Causey and Cheryl Wilson