Pitches Since 2000

A sampling, roughly chronological. All of these were recorded in Jack’s office at Doppler or at Yaktuna Tracks.

SimpleEnough “Simple Enough” With Pat Buchanan, Vocal Stephanie Bentley

Tony Final 1/11/02 CD “You Own Me” With Brant Beene, Vocal Tony Hightower

NotThatStrong522 “Not That Strong”, With Brant Beene, Vocal James David Carter

CostaRica “Costa Rica”, Vocal Jon Allmet (deceased) and Candi Pearson Shelton

TentEdit10_25 “I’d Stay With You In A Tent”, Vocal Candi

DiffLines210 “Different Lines”, Vocal Candi

VoiceOnTheRadioRev14_14 “Voice On The Radio” With Stephanie Bentley, Vocal Candi

SaskatchewanFinal “Saskatchewan”, Vocal Candi

SameThingButDifferent4_5_13 “Same Thing But Different”, Vocal Candi