ThankYouForLettin’Me “Thank You Falettinme be Mice Elf Agin” (For Subway)

OddCouple “Odd Couple” Theme (For Subway)

TNT Football CD “Wild Thing” (For TNT Football)

TheStripper “The Stripper” (For Nissan)

SUDIA “Twist And Shout” (For SUDIA)

Healing “Healing Is In Your Hands” (For Montgomery Medical Center)

AdLite Hokey Budweiser Spots (For Atlanta Addys)

StandByYou “Stand By You” (For Dr’s Hospital Augusta)

Take You CD “I’ll take You There” (For Cox Cable)

TakeYouThereCountry “I’ll take You There”  Country (For Cox Cable)

Facination “Fascination” (For Atlanta Classic Cars)

Lil Darlin’ “Little Darlin'” (For Atlanta Classic Cars)

WorkHardForYourMoneyDonna “She Works Hard For The Money”

Babylove “Baby Love” (For Rowan Medical Center)

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