Nashville Pitches ’75-’80

A small sampling from way back. All of these demoes were done in Thomasville on either 4 or 8 track. Drums were done one drum at a time by Jack; bass, then snare, then hi-hat, etc., then bounced down to a mono mix. Jack played electric bass and keys, and Brant played most guitars.

SmetimeSomewhereSomehow “Sometime Somewhere Somehow”; Recorded by Barbara Mandrell 1980

Dancin’OnWheels “Dancin’ On Wheels” Came close to being recorded by Nigel Olson. Disco was in!

BabyDon’tYouFeelIt “Baby Don’t You Feel It” Got some interest from a couple of publishers and producers in Nashville. But not “Nashville” enough in ’77. Vocal by Stephanie Bentley.

BumperToBumper “Bumper To Bumper (Backed Up In Love Over You)” This was really Brant’s tune, but all the stuff we collaborated on, we considered a co-write. One of the first batch shown in Nashville. Brant’s vocal.