Rhymin’ Jack’s Jingles

Thank you Jon Kohler for the catchy moniker.

In the ’70’s, while living in Thomasville, Jack wrote for Sicurella Turner and The SST Group. Many of those tracks were produced in NYC with legendary arranger Jack Cortner. Among these was the theme for ABC’s Monday Night Baseball in ’76 as well as all the jingle samples from that period on the Early “Hits” page. Jack joined Doppler  in ’81, primarily as a jingle writer, and lyricist for the other “house” composers.

During the ’80’s, it wasn’t uncommon for Doppler to produce 3-4 jingles a week. This began to change in the 90’s as advertising moved away from the traditional “jingle” towards a more song like contemporary form. There are many samples of Jack’s work from this period on the Later page. Most recent work, since 2000, can be found on the Songs For Ads, Shows, Web, and the Soundalikes page.

Rhymin’ Jack writes lyrics for most of his work, but also works with other writers.

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